Pros and Cons of Selling Your Car to a Private Party – Used Car Tips by Get My Auto

Hey Everyone, its me Sahara with get my auto.

Here to give you your next tip in when considering to purchase your new used car.

Especially, if you currently still have a car you don’t know if you should, trade it in or privately sell it. Well, basically, we’ll just break it down really quick on the pros and cons of each one so you can see which one fits you and your priorities.

So basically trading it in, let’s break that down. The easiest way. No Logistics. No extra paperwork. It’s smooth and easy. Basically, you drive your vehicle straight to the dealership. They give you an appraisal. Look at the vehicle, and then give you a price. You sign the papers ride off with your next new used car, and that’s it.

Now if you want to know how much they are going to offer you.

Probably, a trade in value. A trade in value is gonna be less than the retail value and that’s gonna be all based on the mileage, year, make and model of your vehicle.

So if you want to know what you going to be expecting before you visit the dealership, just go to and that way you can actually see what you can get as the retail value, and that is gonna be a little more important for you, having it be more lucrative that way you can do private selling. Basically, you would sit on Craigslist and other websites, but, you do have to remember you’re gonna be compromising time and safety.

You have to meet with different people that might want to test drive the vehicle.

And of course, answer some of the questions and something you have to with waiting of time.

Because it’s not always going to be right there where the buyers will be available for you when you’re ready to sell the car. So, that’s a compromise you will be making.

If you like to know more about all the do’s and dont’s in purchasing your next car just visit us at

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